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I stumbled across this awesome article from the Harvard Business Review the other day:
You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self

It’s brilliant, really – practice who you want to be so when you get there, you’re prepared.

It’s kind of an interesting concept.

I found myself wondering how this plays into mindfulness – being in the moment, experiencing the moment, enjoying the now.

Can you practice being your future self and practice mindfulness at the same time?

I say yes. Here’s 3 ways how:

Ask yourself “WWMFSD”?

Remember years ago when the WWJD bracelets were all the rage? That movement encouraged bracelet wearers to examine a situation from a different perspective. What would Jesus do in that moment? What would He say? How would He react? Taking a moment to step out of the emotion of a situation often helps to react in a more level-headed way. It encourages the logic to override the passion, often preventing unnecessary hurt and anger.

So what if you did the same sort of thing now? What if you examined moments in your life from a different perspective – asking yourself “What would my future self do?”

Taking a split second to reevaluate moments and situations with a different perspective can change everything. In the process, you practice mindfulness while practicing your future self all at the same time!

Appreciate the challenge

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

That adage has been around since the beginning of time. (Are you hearing Kelly Clarkson in your head right about now?)

Seriously, though. In those difficult moments – dealing with crises, loss, heartbreak, devastation, loneliness, depression – sometimes one of the most healing things to do is to imagine your future self looking back. What will you learn from this situation? How can this make you a better person? Will you be able to help others going through the same thing?

Those questions can help appreciate the moment (mindfulness) and practice your future self in one fell swoop.

Perfect Practice

My brilliant piano teacher used to tell me “Practice makes habit – perfect practice makes perfect”

Discovering who you want to be is the first step towards becoming it. The next step? Practicing. So, practice being your future self being mindful. Establish mindfulness as a trait of your future self, and practice it!

How do you practice mindfulness?
Your future self will thank you.