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EDIT: A newer version of this prompt journey is available! Text “GRATITUDE” to (888) 737-2808 to start your new Gratitude Journal!

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (part 2)!

Last November we challenged our readers to practice 30 days of gratitude. The response was overwhelming – and continues to be. We’ve been so humbled by the amazing response, we’ve decided to issue another gratitude challenge in the form of journal prompts. Each day, list something for which you’re grateful. We’ve got 30 brand new prompts to help you along the way.

  1. A moment of inspiration
  2. An article of clothing
  3. Something money can’t buy
  4. A form of movement
  5. A family member
  6. A friend
  7. A leader or teacher
  8. A simple pleasure
  9. A scripture passage or quote
  10. A person you spent time with today
  11. A person you can call
  12. A person who makes you laugh
  13. A writing tool
  14. A spiritual practice
  15. A breakfast food
  16. A meal
  17. A dessert
  18. A drink
  19. A difficult situation
  20. A personal trait or characteristic
  21. A personal gift or ability
  22. A small gesture
  23. An upcoming task or assignment
  24. An opportunity
  25. A silver lining
  26. A local spot
  27. A travel destination
  28. A game
  29. A current song on the radio
  30. A single moment today

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30 days of gratitude