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Summertime is here!!

For many kids, summertime is here (or just around the corner)! We decided instead of our usual monthly prompts, we’d spice life up a bit. (Looking for June Journal Prompts? Find them here!)

One of the things we’ve done with our kids in the past (and have actually started again this summer) is a summertime journal – something just to keep the brain juices flowing. It doesn’t have to be anything formal – in fact, many times it’s just asking questions at night to remember how much fun the day was (even if it wasn’t…)

You can journal for the little ones, or have them draw pictures (or both!). Older kids may enjoy keeping a summertime journal.

Heck, we’re even loving these prompts for OUR team…

So, however you decide to use them…

Happy summer, and happy journaling!

30 Summertime Journal Prompts for Kids (and adults too!)

  1. My favorite part about summer is ___
  2. Draw a picture of the perfect sandcastle
  3. My favorite summer treat is ___
  4. Today I helped ___
  5. Draw a picture of the last bug you saw
  6. My favorite summer activity is ___
  7. Gather up a bunch of leaves and create a picture with them
  8. My favorite thing to do outside is ___
  9. Draw your family
  10. My favorite way to cool down is ___
  11. I like to play with ___ during the summertime
  12. Draw a picture of today
  13. If I could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, I would go to ___
  14. The best part about being a kid in summertime is ___
  15. The thing I’m most excited about this summer is ___
  16. My favorite book right now is ___
  17. The best thing about me is ___
  18. My favorite song right now is ___
  19. Draw a picture of the closest plant
  20. My favorite toy right now is ___
  21. Draw a picture of the clouds today
  22. Write about exploring your neighborhood
  23. My favorite place to go near my house is ___
  24. Draw your favorite animal
  25. 10 things I want to do this summer are ___
  26. My favorite time of day is ___
  27. The best part of my day was ___
  28. I learned about ___ today
  29. Today I’m grateful for ___
  30. The thing that challenged me today was ___
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