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We’re getting all crafty at TextMyJournal lately. (No joke – I actually made window seats last week. WINDOW seats!)

In the midst of all this craftiness, we’ve been totally inspired to take our journals to the next level.

If you haven’t already, check out a post from earlier this month: Is Art Journaling For Me. Art journaling isn’t just for the artsy-type. It’s for anyone who appreciates a good doodle or gets some sort of meditative effect out of working with their hands. We’ve tried it this month and have LOVED it.

We joined forces with the brilliant Merideth from Crafted Fragments to bring you 30 art journal prompts as you begin (or consider) art journaling. Meredith was also fabulous enough to hand letter each of these prompts. Be sure to check her out and give her some love! Pin your favorite and happy journaling!

1. Go on a walk and collect some flowers. Press those flowers in a page of your art journal.

2. Fill an entire page with doodles.
3. Keep your grocery lists, to do lists, or any lists you have lying around, and paste them on a page.
4. Find an old magazine, and cut out some words that inspire you. Paste them all in a page of your art journal.
5. Fill a page with receipts, with little notes about why each purchase was special.
6. Collect your fortunes from fortune cookies & paste them in a page of your art journal.
7. Try and draw your favorite childhood toy from memory.
8. Create your own map, of a world real or imaginary.
9. Steal some labels off items in your fridge. Paste them in your art journal.
10. Draw a pie chart of your stomach. Illustrate your favorite foods.
11. Fill a page with your favorite inspirational quotes.
12. Have any old love notes? Paste them on a page, maybe add some heart stickers.
13. Illustrate one of your favorite song lyrics.
14. Collect business cards from places you’ll probably never go to again. Paste them all on a page.
15. Find a poem that you love, write it down, and then illustrate it.
16. Design your dream wedding dress, or tuxedo.
17. Keep the tags on the end of your tea bags, especially the ones with nice messages on them. Paste them on a page.
18. Make a design out of foil bubble gum wrappers.
19. Save your movie ticket stubs and paste them on a page.
20. Try and render one of your favorite paintings.
21. Collect airline tickets and train tickets to document your travels.
22. Snatch some paint swatches from a home improvement store and past them on a page.
23. Get out a needle and thread… stitch a design on to your page!
24. Collect some leaves, press them, and paste them on a page.
25. Grab the stickers off your fruit & make a design with them.
26. Cut out some comics from a Sunday newspaper and past them on a page.
27. Use a stapler to staple a design on to one of your pages.
28. Find old photos and polaroids & doodle on them.
29. Cut out pieces of fabric that you like and paste them on a page of your art journal.
30. Cover a page with stripes of colored tape.

Today’s post has been created in collaboration with Meredith at Crafted Fragments



Crafted Fragments

i’m meredith, wanderer, creator, geek, adventurer, artist, & author of crafted fragments. north carolina based // california raised // lover of succulents, coffee, puns, star wars, Jesus, & elephants. as a college student with an eye for all things elegant & unnecessary, i have found ways to create beauty from what my every day life presents. from heart to hearts to “how to”s, i can’t wait to rant about how silly my life is & share all my adventures with you guys as i travel through life, picking up fragments as i go & crafting them into something new & lovely. so excited for the shenanigans to come!!

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