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Featured Prompt Journeys

Practicing intentional gratitude is good for your brain. Gratitude helps us sleep better and may even help combat stress and depression. Our “30 Days of Gratitude” journey is designed to help you build a habit of taking a little extra time to be intentionally grateful each day. In following this journey, you’ll be writing meaningful entries that inspire you to gratitude and training yourself to maintain a more grateful mindset.

To start a new Gratitude journey, text “GRATITUDE” to 1 (888) 737-2808.

Every single person’s story is worth telling. Unfortunately, our memories can tend to jumble together, jump about, and generally resist our attempts to tell them well. Whether you’d like to pass your story on or keep it for your eyes only, our “Write Your Personal History” journey helps you put your thoughts in order. This journey is designed to help you move beyond a mere retelling of events and craft a meaningful narrative of your life so far.

To start a new Personal History journey, text “LIFE” to 1 (888) 737-2808.

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