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411b1adc15d83959adac0678448473f8A life worth living and learning from includes hard things. A life that is beautiful and full includes hard things; in all reality our lives wouldn’t be worth much at all if they didn’t include hard things. However, far to often I think we bury the hard things. And we don’t talk about them, or write about them. We fail to realize how much they mean to us- our families, our future.

When we think about our lives and the stories we want to write down and share maybe we aren’t as quick to think about sharing those times that may bring pain.

Why not, well hard things are hard and they aren’t fun, they don’t make you smile, laugh or sigh with contentment; hard thing trigger difficult emotions but we need to be careful to never forget that hard things teach.

Don’t we all want our lives to mean something to have others look back on our lives and learn from our experiences; don’t we want them to feel motivation, inspiration and to find courage to face what they must through us? I do, I think we all do but that requires that we share the hard things because it’s those times that to a great degree mold us, define us, and make us who we are.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s important to share the happy fun memories that will bring a smile to those who read about them in fact we should share those often but those won’t necessarily be the moments that cause them to find strength when they didn’t think they had it.

Keep in mind that sharing the hard things doesn’t have to be dark and depressing sometimes the most joy and peace can be found in the hardest things that we face, those moments when we realize that we’re stronger than knew may be the answer to someone years down the line who is struggling to find their own strength.