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Happy May!

May is such a hopeful month. Graduations, memorial day, the hint of summer, the best part of spring… it has it all.

Here are 31 journal prompts to help you get the most out of May!

EDIT: This prompt journey has been archived! You can browse our available prompt journeys here.

  1. What’s a compliment you’ve received lately?
  2. Write 5 words that describe you
  3. Did you meet anyone new today?
  4. What is challenging about your life right now?
  5. Who has been your biggest support in the last year?
  6. Draw a pie chart of your favorite foods.
  7. What is something you do exceptionally well?
  8. Write about your mother.
  9. What task have you been putting off?
  10. How far did you walk today?
  11. How have you grown this week?
  12. Write about a childhood friend?
  13. Fill a page with your favorite inspirational quotes.
  14. What moment are you most proud of this week?
  15. What is your favorite family story?
  16. What color influences you?
  17. What sounds did you experience today?
  18. What dream do you hope to pursue in the next year?
  19. Write about your favorite childhood movie.
  20. Write a haiku about your day.
  21. How did you spread kindness today?
  22. What is the most fascinating place you’ve visited?
  23. What knowledge are you grateful for?
  24. What item will you cross off your bucket list next?
  25. What is your superpower?
  26. What do you know now that would have been helpful a year ago?
  27. Draw a map – real world or imaginary.
  28. What is something you’d like to let go of?
  29. What healthy choices have you made this week?
  30. Who are you honoring today?
  31. What one goal do you have for June?

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Here you go!

May Journal Prompts